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Note on Social Security Number: Some companies give a discount that depends on credit rating. Thus, a credit report will be ordered to determine if you are eligible for a discount. We do not ever see the credit report.  The company's computer looks it ups and we are told whether at which level of discount, if any, you qualify without any other information on your credit report.

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Be sure to include 1) name of driver, 2) date of occurrence, 3) description of occurrence, and 4) amount of claim if applicable.  If there have been absolutely none, please state "None"
CLAIM DETAILS IN LAST 5 YEARS.  Please describe all claims you have had in the last 5 years including deer, windshield, theft, accidents (including "not at fault"), etc..  Provide details, dates, and amounts paid for the claim.  If there have been absolutely none, please state "None"
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Specific Motorcycle Coverage - Vehicles # 1 and # 2 from above:
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Specific Motorcycle Coverage - Vehicles # 3 & # 4:
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Coverage That Apply to All Vehicles

Bodily Injury Liability Limits

Please choose a liability limit from the limits listed below. Limits are per person/per occurrence. Limits will be the same for all vehicles.  This covers you if you injure someone and they sue you. With law suits the way they are today, we recommend the highest limits possible.  We also recommend that you obtain an umbrella policy to "blanket" over your home and auto and motorcycle insurance.  Ask us about it.

Bodily Injury Liability Limits

Property Damage Liability Limits:

Please choose a property damage liability limit from the list below. Limits will be the same for all vehicles. This covers you if you damage someone's property outside of Michigan (i.e. parked car, house, etc.) and they sue you.  If you damage property IN Michigan, coverage is automatically up to $1,000,000 as part of Michigan's no-fault insurance laws.

Optional Medical Coverage

Medical coverage is optional.  If you don't have medical coverage, or if your medical insurance does not cover motorcycle accidents, then you really need to have medical coverage.

Under Michigan No-Fault law, if you are on a motorcycle and involved in an accident with a normal passenger vehicle, then you would likely have coverage under the insurance for the passenger vehicle with which you collided (regardless of who is at fault).  However, if there is no passenger vehicle involved (i.e. you hit a tree or hit loose gravel and slide the bike down the road), then Medical Coverage would help pay for your medical expenses.

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